The artist


Caio Borges


Carlos Alberto Borges born in 1958, Içara – Santa Catarina, began his search for art very early drawing and painting – two good tools in the restless hands of a curious and well endowed young man to create and have fun.

This aura of pleasure and enjoyment hangs up to this day in his creations generating creativity and giving wings to the expression. The work transposes this joviality into many elements and what was a uncompromising field became its true place of work.

Nature was kind and generous with its youth allowing it to be creative and productive and so at the age of twenty years this self-made artist began to show the world the colourful fruit of his singular idea of painting and sculpting – a garden of Wonders and beauty.

And the search continues… New Horizons, Rio de Janeiro seemed the ideal place where some skills could be lapidated; In 1978 he attended the studio of Marly Faro making pottery and sculpture. He stayed in Rio for three years and during this fruitful time participated in several conferences and won the prize artist of Clay of the year 1981.

Back to his state continued his activities with ceramics creating with some colleagues a pottery studio where he taught for a time, this rich phase culminated with the construction of his own studio 25 km from Florianópolis – pay, an area of wild nature with Waterfalls that descend the slopes making a lot of noise – ideal place to live and create. And there lived and worked the artist for several years leaving to bring some blessings from the capital.

The artist is reborn with such proximity to nature and what follows are a few years of design and illustration of fashion, created some beautiful lines of standardization for manufacturing industries. Concrete, plaster and resin materialized the creation of the artist in the phase that followed, which gave more mass to the work.

Year later 87-88 the artist participated in the collective studio of Florianópolis where with the partnership of some artists assemble some collective and himself some individual in Brazil and abroad. Ready for another rebirth the artist goes to Europe to see closely how art reborn there. How many times a being has to be reborn to become an artist?….

Work and more work is what really leads to a greater approximation with creation.

Today, the artist prioritized the studio of pay to concentrate its production, the space is reserved and perfect to inspire and create. Stocked in all forms – works of all sizes, some backed by large easels and a large number of loose screens wrapped like carpets and stacked the tens. Walking through the studio we have the impression of being followed by the dozens of eyes of their figures – so involved with each other and what surrounds. They are eyes that tell stories, smile, love and question, perpetuated by the touch of lightness and kindness of the artist in every look.

The artist comments that creativity is a rainbow of colors and materials almost half uncontrollable by the artist and the themes are emerging, often in a different line from that which the audience is accustomed to.

Having opted to book the studio of pay solely for its creation, the artist is developing the commercial side with the art galleries and a curatorship team, which holds part of the collection in a space, located in the center of the capital of Santa Catarina. This is where you receive the connoisers of your art.

The artist is very fond that his work has pleased the Brazilian public in the way that has been in recent years, something that guarantees a special place among select artists. Art workers rarely know where their works can go, they cross borders and cross oceans to enchant eyes and minds of art lovers wherever they land. Certainly what takes a work of art away from its place of origin is the fact that it is unique and the beauty that door. A lifetime of painting and sculpting not only the artist’s own and special techniques provided by practice, but also grants him the glorious dowry of having his personal tone in every brush or art work he creates.

And the feeling of the artist is of perfect harmony and grace. May your creativity continue to glow in your eyes and be a cause of joy and contemplation.

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